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Labour & Employment

Levine Frishman, S.E.N.C. has a long and solid history of representing both employers and employees in labour and employment related matters.

While we have represented both employers and employees, Me Zavie Levine has created jurisprudence by representing numerous executives who have been unjustly dismissed. While the main focus of our labour employment practice is employee based, we do represent employers as well and have defended employers with regard to harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination claims brought against them under the Act Respecting Labour Standards (Québec) and other Provincial and Federal legislation.

We are also adept in drafting employment contracts, non-competition, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements, severance agreements.

We are continuously referred top employment law cases by other leading law firms who are in conflict situations.

Me Zavie Levine has lectured to various audiences, including continuing legal education conferences on this subject.

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